Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ander Graduates from Kindergarten

It was so much fun watching Ander at the Graduation, and who would have guessed he wants to be a Zoo Keeper when he grows up. They were all so cute singing. Here is to the class of 2022.

field trip to the farm

Ander's class got to go to a farm, and play with all the baby anamils. The kids all had so much fun, and i loved going to help.

Family fun at the park

We had a fun Family outing to the park on the only warm day we have had this year...

Trip to Utah to visit Bill, and Grandma and Paca

The end of April the kids and I took a trip to Utah to see Bill (he was at a military school) and Grandma, and Paca Bonner. We had so much fun at the children's museum with everyone. The kids were happy to see their Dad, and had fun shopping and hanging out with the Bonner Family