Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our families fun Holiday Weekend....

We had such a great mamorial day weekend. It started Friday when Bill and Ander went up North camping and fishing. (We have no pictures, because they forgot the camara). The girls and I stayed home, and did girl things friday, and then whent to the cemitary on Saturday to help Grandma Anderson Clean family head stones, and see Grandpa and Grandma Anderson's new head stone. (kinda wierd to sit and look at someones head stone when they are standing next to you). The boys got home Saturday night, and we were all very tired and ready for bed Saturday night.

Then on sunday we went to church, where I fell walking out to the car. I skined my knee, but other then that only my pride was hurt.
Later that night we meet my family (the Stangers) at Grandpa and Grandma's house, where we had dinner, and a camp out. We all set up our tents in the yard, and cooked over the fire pit. It was so much fun, and a memory the kids will not soon forget. Grandma and Grandpa Anderson come over for brekfast Monday morning, and then we all meet down at their house later Monday to eat with them and swim. I forgot the camara, so no pictures of swimming.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our fun day at the Boise Zoo

The kids, and I had such a fun day at the Zoo yesterday with Melissa, Dalton, and Emma. We all went to Boise together, and after my Doctors appointment we took the kids to the zoo. (home school field trip) They got to see and learn about some fun animals, and they even got to play like they were a few.