Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in Texas....

What a great week. The trip started with bad roads, and us wondering if we would ever make it but it was worth it. We had so much fun spending time with Bills Family. This was the first time in 10 years we were all together for Christmas, and boy has the family changed in the last 10 years. The kids had fun getting to know there Cusins they had never met, and the adults all had fun catching up, and getting to know eachother all over again. We had family pictures taken, and to everyones suprize the kids all did very well. I just hope that it's not another 10 years.

The kids waiting in the Salt Lake Airport waiting to fly to Texas.

THe kids playing at the park before lunch on Christmas Eve.

The kids were all having fun Chrismas eve making cookies and gengerbread houses with grandma.

The 2 Daddys and their little angels.

Ander and Alex in there new PJs

All the girls in their new nightgowns.

Malah and Emily had so much fun together, and looked like little angels in their Christmas eve nightgowns Grandma Bonner made for them.

Ander had one goal when going to Texas, he wanted to catch a frog. Well as you can see he did it, but I don't know how anyone could have found such a small frog.

Chrismas Morning, The kids had so much fun opening their gifts, and playing with their cusins

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boys Vs. Girls

This was the 3rd anual Bonner Girls vs Bonner Boys Ginger Bread House Decorating Contest. After lots of hard work, and a ton of family fun we need you to vote for the winner. Someone forgot to tell Malah the candy was to put on the house. Of course she ate more then she ever got on the house, but once she got the point she did some great work with her sister Sarah. Ander and Bill worked very hard on the other side of the table, and I saw a few pieces of candy being eaten on this side too.

House #1

House #2

A visit to Santa's House

Up in the mountains close to our house is this great family that puts up all these Christmas lights, and if you go on the right night you may even see santa there. Bill got home from work last night, and with snow falling we got in the car for the 30 min drive. As we drove we lisened to the Glenn Beck Show on the Radio, and the timing couldn't have been better. He was doing the true story of Christmas. We were able to listen to beautiful Christmas music, and the story of our Savoirs Birth. Once we got to Santas house, it was so cold, but the kids had so much fun seeing all the lights, and fun little set ups. We were all happy to get back in the warm car when it was time to leave, but was glad we got the chance to carry on this great family tadition.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things That have happened this Year

My $3,000 hand bag at SACS

We had so much fun in New York...

Will it has been a crazy year at our house.
In Febuary Malah Got sick and was in the Hospital for 5 days. In April We were able to take her to the temple and have her sealed to our family. We went to Texas for Spring break to see Grandma, and Paca Bonner. This summer the kids and I made it camping once, and I started Posergy with my Mom. I got to go to New York in October with My mom, Annie, and Melissa, and boy did we have fun. Last but not least we found out that we will be adding a new little angle to the family in July of 2009. We are going to end the year with a Trip to Texas to spend Christmas with Grandma, paca, and the whole Bonner family. It will be the first time in 10 years we have all been together for Christmas, and the first time the kids will spend christmas in Texas. Here are some Pictures of our year..